Monday, July 13, 2009

Return journey,and a funny link

On our return journey, as on the outward one, we had several hours (10 to be precise) in Toronto between flights, so this time we decided to rent a car and, armed with a Sat Nav, drive to Niagara Falls.

I've always wanted to see Niagara, and this was going to be the highlight of the holiday for me. It did not disappoint, as any of you who've been will know. I'm not into theme parks and have voluntarily sworn myself off clothes shopping for a year (recession and all that!) so Florida didn't have a particular interest for me. I hope I'm not doing a disservice to Florida, and did enjoy the sun, and I confess, a tiny bit of clothes shopping (J Crew to be precise, if it's good enough for Michelle Obama, it's good enough for me, go to and scroll down a little bit to "Sunny Delight") .

So we had a really lovely day at Niagara, between flights, and saw some wonderful sights en route. I was very skeptical of sat navs up to that point, dismissing them as just more techie gadgets, but now I'm a total convert. We would never have attempted that journey in that timeframe without it! We didn't go on the boat, partly because we were all tired after a 4.30am start, and partly because we wanted to savour the sights from a height and save something for next time.

Now to the funny link (not the M. Obama one!)- while we were in Canada, exploring that wonderful country, a fellow blogger, Stephanie from Vancouver, was in Ireland exploring the sights of my country! She has posted some wonderful photos on her blog, which you can reach by clicking on her comments on this blog, or on her little pic at the top here "followers". I met up with herself and Anne in Dublin last night for dinner, and we had good craic, of the Irish variety.


  1. Well that's brilliant. A lovely ending to a holiday.

  2. Sounds like a perfect end :0)

    I miss my sat nav - but then I miss roads that make any kind of sense too!

  3. It was a wonderful almost-the-end to our Ireland vacation, too. See what doors blogging can open?

  4. It was, indeed, a good ending.
    Thank you for your comments.