Thursday, July 16, 2009

Confessions of a chocaholic!

A few things recently have conspired to make me think a lot about chocolate..A recent blog read re giving up alcohol for a few weeks and sleeping better made me think about the time I gave up chocolate (milk chocolate,that is!).

I have 4 magnets on my fridge that basically sum up how I feel about chocolate:

1. " Everything else is just food, but chocolate's chocolate".

2. "Chocolate is proof that God wants us to be happy".

3. "I'd give up chocolate but I'm no quitter".

and , my favourite, given to me by my friend on a visit from Brussels, with a big box of Belgian chocolates (she does know me well!)

"l n'y a rien de mieux qu'un bon ami, excepté un bon ami qui amene des chocolats".

So, to the time I gave it up..

I was following my own version of the Atkins diet i.e. I cut down on carbs big time. I had his book and there were some good recipes in it, including chocolate truffles. They were delicious! I lost 4 kilos in a couple of weeks, but the biggest difference I noticed was my sleep. Now I normally sleep very well, head hits pillow and out like a light. Sometimes if I've a lot gong on, I might think "I won't be able to sleep tonight", and next thing I know it's morning. Well, the difference in the quality of my sleep was phenomenal! It was as though I had been anaesthesised! I didn't miss the milk chocolate nearly as much as I would have thought. But of course in the end, I just drifted back to the chocolate, and that's where I've been up to now.

Just writing about it is making me think though that I might give the chocolate-free way of life another try. Also, I've a cholesterol test coming up and if it's high, as I don't eat cheese,the focus will be on chocolate.

To quit or not?? I have to think about it first!


  1. Well, you know my attitude to chocolate: if one piece is medicinal; four pieces must be truly therapeutic. I'll cross my fingers for your Chol. test to be normal.

    Oh, I did write the post at 8.12 but the photo was taken much earlier while I was having my tea. Then I spent so much time surfing blog world before I posted. It was nice to have the time to do that. I'd been only looking at the bare minimum while away. I do sort of miss being busy all the time, though. Every day was an adventure.

  2. I still think that by eating a combination of white and dark chocolate I am having a balanced diet! Good luck with quitting.