Sunday, July 19, 2009

"Music in the rain"

My daughter's band were playing a short little concert today, again in Marlay Park. This time, however, the setting was a beautiful walled garden. I didn't even know this garden existed- it's actually 2 gardens- a Victorian one that then leads to a Regency one.

The range of plants was of great interest to me, in particular the herbs, from an aromatherapy point of view. One example- Hyssop Officinalis is a very useful oil in aromatherapy, for asthma among other things. I hadn't seen the plant growing before, but in the Regency garden it was thriving. Also, they had several pear trees trained against a wall, and I thought "I could do that at home".

The band were just about to start playing when the rain started, so chairs were turned upside down and we all decamped to the pavilion, where there was a flower show. About 15 minutes later, the sun was out, so the concert took place. About a further 20 mins later, the rain started all over again!

All photos were taken by hubby, in between the drops!


  1. I'm glad that the concert could continue. Sounds like the weather is just the same...lovely photos.

    And, good for you, figuring out the following thing. Nice to see you there - thanks.

  2. I have the Hyssop in my garden. Didn't know it had medicinal values. Please tell hubby I liked his pictures.

  3. Stephanie- thanks for dropping by.
    Valerie, I will tell him.Did you notice the bees on the yellow flower? Hard at work!

  4. Sorry, V,wrong colour, it's the first pic, sort of pink.
    Thanks for comments,