Sunday, June 21, 2009

Off on our hols!

As I write, it's 00.45, and I have to get up at 6.00 for our flight to Florida. Well, actually to Toronto, where we (hopefully) spend the day, then tomorrow night we fly on to Orlando. The little doubt is that someone told us that we may not be allowed to leave the airport, in which case we have a 10-hour tour of Toronto Pearson Airport. Oh please, NO!

I can never sleep the night before I go away- I don't know if it's excitement or fear or simply a desire to not leave my familiar stuff behind, or a mixture of all that. But, whatever it is, you can be guaranteed that any jobs that have been waiting on the long finger will get done, almost to the point of painting the house! Today, for instance, I sorted all the schoolbooks from last year, brought them to the bookshop and left in the lists for the coming year. That could have waited, but not in my world. The house is cleaner than it has been in ages, again a product of the "going away syndrome". Does anyone else do this?

We're all excited and looking forward to the holiday. It's several years since we went on a 2-week holiday, preferring recently to do a week skiing at Christmas, and one week or less of something in the summer. Last year, that one week was wheetled down to 4 days in the Black Forest. We had plans to do something else, but they never materialised. Such is life.

Anyway, because of all that, we're all hoping that this goes well. Disney is on the cards, at least for young people. Heofinfinitepatience got a flexi ticket for me and eldest daughter, but we may not get that much use from it. We're planning a lot of lazing, me by the pool, she indoors by the air conditioner! Doesn't like sun, tans or heat.

So, hope you're all having a nice time, whatever you're up to. Be back early July, and I sincerely hope to be able to tell you how wonderful downtown Toronto is.

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