Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shop around!

It's been a hectic couple of weeks, what with 16-year old doing exams, boy doing some work in his former primary school (which he loves!) and me trying to work through list of jobs that term-time would not allow, such as getting the house alarm fixed- it had been going off at random times. What really motivated me there was that we're going away soon for 2 weeks, and I don't want it disturbing the neighbours in the middle of the night.

Incidentally, there's an upside to this recession- well 2 upsides if there is such a thing. Renewing our house and contents insurance, I decided to shop around, and got a quote HALF the price of what my broker firm quoted me. I thought I'd ring them and tell them , then decided that it's not my job to do this. They were charging me €30 fee, which is supposedly to get the best quote! I really did my homework, checking excess etc, and this policy is also better, and allows you to pay by direct debit at no extra charge, for which my broker firm wanted 6%.

2nd upside to the recession: I phoned the electrician thinking that he did alarm repairs. He doesn't, but offered to phone someone he knows who does. The guy was at my house 20 minutes later, and the alarm was fixed within another 20 minutes. Now I really wish I had waited till the recession to do all my building work, when I think of all the unreturned calls I made to builders etc. No more!

Someone told me last year that June is like December without Christmas. It's true- it's one party or "farewell for the summer" do after another. Last night, two of these were on. Oh, the agony of choosing! So I went to the band meal first with my fellow musicians, then on to a house party. I've had 2 lots of coffee also this week, with friends who'll scatter to the 4 winds for the summer. But it's fun, and it's lovely to have a bit of time for socialising and catching up.

Next Tuesday I go to Brussels for the day, to meet my dear friend for lunch. Sounds crazy? I just find it easier not to stay overnight, then you don't have to pack anything. It's a 6.30 am flight out, but I'll sleep on the plane.I haven't been over for a year now, so am really looking forward to it. We're going to a lovely restaurant run by an Irish woman and Belgian man. The food is absolutely divine, but not expensive. We'll probably spend 3 hours over lunch, catching up, then go for coffee and more catchup. I fly back at 21.40, home by bedtime.Perfect day.

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