Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spare Tyres

This morning, when I pulled out of the driveway to go to work, I realised I had a flat tyre.

(photo courtesy

So 2 urgent calls had to be made- one to get the breakdown service (that comes free with the insurance) to come and change the tyre, the other to let school know I'd be a bit late.

I've been complaining about the lack of service culture in this country for some time, and saying that the businesses that survive the recession will be the ones who deliver good (or even exceptional?) customer service.

Boy, I was impressed with the service today!
So maybe businesses are cottoning on.

The callout guy, who gave a rough ETA of 90 minutes from my call, then called to say he was close by and would be here in 10 minutes. He was very efficient and very nice.

Then, on my way home this evening, I went to get the tyre fixed, and the guy there offered to check the air pressure in all the other tyres, AND that if I come in once a month, he'll always check them. The charge, for fixing the tyre, taking off the temp one, putting on the new one and checking all the others was only €8.

That's what I call service.

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Now, if only the other spare tyre problem was this easy to fix...the post-Christmas one. The cold weather has made me hungry morning, noon and night, and everywhere in between. It's like "gosh, it's snowing outside again, I better have another slice of Christmas cake" - I've just had the last slice of cake number 2. And no amount of walking will work that off!


  1. Too bad walking doesn't work as magically as we hope on spare tires. It's such a great way to get around.

    I'm happy that you had a good experience with your tire service man - and such a reasonable price, too. We were also pleasantly surprised at the level of service offered at our tire store when we were caught flat. Maybe it's something special about tires?

  2. That just gives me so much hope for humanity to find that there are service men somewhere in the world that acutally give a hoot about their job and the people that they are serving!
    I wish that I could fix my buldging tire as well!!!

  3. I have 2 post-Christmas ones!! I'm doing a free giveaway for whoever's interested...

    Eleonora xx

  4. Don't worry Mimi, I am sure that the other 'spare tyre' will get into control soon! Glad you got a good service for your car problem!

  5. Nice to hear that you got such good service. It's hard to find that now a days.

  6. Oh yes, Mimi, I have a spare tire I could have lent you. I hope you find an example of Yard art to post tomorrow... :)

  7. Brilliant service from that tyre man. Now wouldn't it be wonderful if we could get our *spare tyres* changed too.

    Nuts in May

  8. Sorry about the flat tire but your service sounds like it went well.
    I'm so with you on 'the other spare tire' - spring come quick! :)