Sunday, May 2, 2010

A bench from Glendalough

I haven't had the heart to post for a while, as all my spare energy has been concentrated on a sick child, my friend's daughter.
She has had a slight improvement, in that she's off the ventilator now, but she is in a lot of pain, and she is frightened.I don't know where her Mum is getting the strength to keep going, but there's no choice.

Life is hard sometimes, and our prayers, Reiki and angelic support are all we can offer from here. I just hope that's enough.


  1. Wouldn't you love to be able to give her Mum ten minutes on that bench? She is fortunate to have friends like you who care so much. I hope the girl continues to improve.

  2. Stephanie- I absolutely would love that! I'm hoping that in the summer we'll get there. I'm also fortunate to have her Mum for my friend - we've been friends for over 30 years! She's a very good friend to me too.
    Thanks for that lovely comment.

  3. You are a compassionate person and I'm sure your friend realises that you are distressed for her little girl That will mean a great deal to her and if you can get to see them in the summer, that would be even better. I am pleased that the little girl is improving, even if it is slightly at first. Hoping it is the beginning of recovery.

    Nuts in May

  4. Oh, Mimi, I hope your friend's little girl gets well very soon! I love your shot of Glandalough! :)

  5. I'm new to your blog Mimi, just a quick visit now, but I shall return. It sounds as though you are having to bear a great deal at the moment. There is nothing more painful than a sick child.

  6. I hope she is better soon!

    I LOVE benches

  7. I truly hope that the slight improvement is the first step to a full recovery :0)

  8. Hi Mimi...such a beautiufl photo..poetic and solitary! Hope thinfs are going well for the friend's little one you mentioned! Blessings to her!