Monday, May 24, 2010

New dress

Guess who decided to show off her new dress this year?

I planted this a few years ago, and had more or less given up hope of it flowering ever (or certainly this year), when all of a sudden it surprised me! Nature does things in its own time, and how right it is.

The weekend has been hectic, so in spite of my really good intentions to do a long post, with loads of news and photos, this is all I can manage, a few minutes before 1 am!

Off to bed, night night!


  1. She didn't, but now I've just given her one- Crescina.No idea if it's real, it just came to me.

  2. She seems a little shy, standing wrapped in her lovely pink cloak. Beautiful, Mimi. Hope that you get some time to rest from your week. Have you had any time to enjoy your sunny days?

  3. This is a lovely flower!! She looks beautiful in her new dress :)

  4. Gorgeous colour :0)

  5. What a wonderful surprise for you Mimi! Your patience paid off! :)

  6. I like that kind of surprise! The best.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  7. What a lovely surprise.

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  9. Beautiful Mimi!
    Love the folds ready to unfurl. :)