Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Car shopping

We left our car in for a service.
Garage phoned to tell us it needs a new gearbox and a new clutch.

Now, this car is 10 years old, and, although it had been going fine, there was an additional problem.
Daughter got a new tuba, which is ENORMOUS. It doesn't fit in the boot.

So we decided to look for a new (2nd hand) car, and have spent the last week going around garages trying to get one to fit our criteria. We want the engine no bigger than 1.4, and the boot has to take this new tuba case.To be sure, we've hauled the (empty) tuba case with us, trying it out in every boot. The reaction of salesmen is very funny, from "what on earth is that?" to "could you not get her to play a mouth organ instead?"

So far, we've found 3 cars that fit the bill- Renault Megane, Ford Focus and Peugeot 307, but now we need to find one of those at the right price.

The saga continues... I'm getting tired of it. Maybe we can buy either a yellow or a red one, and a picture of it will fill my Yellow Mellow Monday or Ruby Tuesday. There's a deadline!

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  1. For what it's worth we have a Ford Focus station wagon and love it. We went around with a measuring tape and at one point Anne even crawled into the back to see if she could sleep in it. Not that we ever have. Good luck with the search. I hate car shopping, too. The excitement wears thin pretty fast.