Sunday, August 9, 2009

Guest Post- kind of

You know that the Boy was doing a Novel Writing summer camp.

Well, he presented me with a piece that himself and two others co-wrote early on in the camp.
And, with his permission, that is today's post. I think it's fab. Please let me know which is your favourite verse, and I'll pass on the message.

"Amy and Jack were playing one day
They found a chest hidden away

Inside the chest, there was a map
They jumped around and clapped and clapped

"A map, a map!" Amy squealed
"And look, and look, it's for this field"

"Let's go, let's go!" Jack then said
"The start is at this flowerbed"

They followed the map, round and round
And they found an X marked on the ground

"This must be it!" Amy cried
They dug a hole and looked inside

Inside the hole was another chest
They had reached the end of their quest

On the chest, there was a name
"It must belong to Mr. Shane!"

"Do you think we should bring it back?
Or can we open it just a crack?"

"No!" said Jack "That would be bold!
Even if it's full of gold!"

"Let's bring it back to Mr. Shane,
Who lives down the old brick lane."

They asked their mother if they could go
She didn't say yes, but she didn't say no.

"Ask your father, I don't care!
Just get out of my hair!"

They took that as a yes and went
Down the lane that was so bent

They found him in his yard
His dog, Trixie, was standing guard

He took back his chest with glee
"Thank you for bringing this back to me!"

"It's very precious, it was my Dad's
I thought it was lost and I was sad".

As a reward he let them choose
A cute little puppy from Trixie's brood

"Isn't this great!" Jack said with pleasure,
"A puppy's better than any treasure!"


Amy and Jack were happy that time
Because they didn't commit a crime.

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  1. Oh, my favorite image is the verse about the 'bent' lane. Great story poem!