Friday, August 14, 2009

What is it about builders?

We're getting a few jobs done around the house, just little things, in an effort to get storage organised before the school year begins.

Second daughter has an attic bedroom and we bought a new wardrobe for her in Ikea. We knew it was slightly too tall for the area, but I decided that builder guy would easily slice a bit off the top with his slicing saw.

So he arrived on Tuesday, and all was going smoothly till I discovered that there's a radiator in the way. Plumber guy came yesterday and moved the radiator, but we then discovered that there are 2 ceiling lights in the way.

Builder guy will be able to move them, and was supposed to do it this evening. But he has now got involved in another job, so says he'll have to postpone till tomorrow.

In the meantime, the house is like a tip. There's no point in cleaning, because they will come with dusty, building-site boots and dirty it all again.

I think the only thing I can do is spend the time out and about, drinking coffee in nice, clean, organised coffee shops.

This may well prove to be a very expensive wardrobe!


  1. Oh, when you said 'wardrobe' I was thinking of the clothes that went in one. Just a little language thing: here we call it a 'closet'. I imagined you shopping for some lovely clothes before the coffee. Don't forget the chocolate - maybe coffee at Butler's?

  2. You should take yourself on a coffee shop tour throughout your city! :) I'd love to see all the hot spots from quite a few miles away!

  3. Hi S, that's gas re wardrobe, I never thought about the use of that word. Coffee at Butlers sounds v good.
    R Girl- what a wonderful idea! I'll take that as a meme, and I'll keep you posted!
    Thanks for your comments.