Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A welcome break

Looking after 3 teenagers all summer is hard work. They've been off school since the beginning of June. Yes, the summer holidays are longer here in Ireland than in some other countries.

Even though they are self-sufficient as regards food and most other stuff, there are still lifts involved and keeping track of various arrangements, not to mention the usual housework (ugh!) and washing (endless chore!).
So I bagged myself an internet bargain, and went off for a little break to http://www.monart.ie/

Here's the view from my window.

I was staying only one night, but managed to turn it into 2 days of bliss. I've never stayed in such a luxurious place, but the staff were really friendly and helpful. I normally don't like much attention, preferring to do things myself, but they were just lovely, and not in an intrusive way. I couldn't believe it when at check-in the girl told me that everyone comes to breakfast in their dressing gowns- right up my street! I tried it, and it was the most enjoyable breakfast I've ever eaten!

They have so many different parts to the spa, from the usual sauna (mmm) and steam room, to light relaxation room and kneippe cure pool (a cold, cold pool walk on stones- reflexology effect). I didn't book treatments, preferring to just chill out, take little walks in the grounds, and enjoy the peace. Besides, I had brought a few little treats of my own!
I've come back a new woman- chilled out and refreshed, ready to begin a new school year. I took some more photos, but in true blogger fashion, I'm saving these for Mellow Yellow Monday and Ruby Tuesday, so you'll just have to wait!


  1. Mmm...that looks really good. The kneippe cure pool sounds really interesting - I would like that. Does school start soon?

  2. A day off all for yourself!! Great work

  3. Hi Stephanie, kneippe pool was interesting, though cold and stones pressing into my feet. Was reminded of how as children,we can all walk on stones no prob! School back 31st Aug- just about got that break in time!

    Hit40-It was a real treat.

    Thanks for your comments.

  4. Oh it does you good to pamper yourself. Hmm I wish I could come back a new woman!