Saturday, August 1, 2009

Chocolate,again! Part 2.

This is no ordinary mouse.

First night, we left 2 traps set, with lovely chocolate, he didn't go near them. Well, he had pigged out on the (now removed) bar under the couch, so he was probably sleeping and maybe had a chocolate hangover.

Last night, we left 3 traps, two with chocolate, one with peanut butter, in case he's fed up of chocolate. Again, apologies to anybody humane or squeamish.

This morning, the cocolate is gone from the 2 traps, but they're not set off, and he hasn't touched the peanut butter one.
I'm in despair, and so stressed I want to cry. Or move out. Trying to keep all other food out of the way, obsessive about crumbs- this is just too much. Hubbie keeps saying it's only a matter of time till we catch him, but if we're dealing with Houdini/Einstein I'm beginning to have doubts.
I wouldn't mind, but I was sure I heard the trap snapping late last night, just before I went to sleep. He never took the chocolate and re-set the trap, did he?


  1. Maybe he has left your house in search of a different brand of chocolate?!! ;0)

  2. Poor you! I don't think that mice are that clever. We have had a rat or two settle down in our garage for the winter. No cat to deter them...we used chemical means. Not sure I'd recommend it, though, as you may not find the late beastie.

  3. E D- oh I wish! Guy in hardware shop tells me that eventually the sonic things (of which I have 2!) will send him away.I'm taking no chances, though.

    Stephanie- I've gone all guns blazing- now 4 traps, one heavy-duty, also poison. I hope he can't read this and make his escape!

    Thanks a million for your comments.