Saturday, August 15, 2009

New crop

We've harvested our potato crop. I love saying that, makes me feel really Irish somehow. All brown bits are clay, not blight.

Last year, we had this plant growing in the flower bed, and a friend asked something about our potatoes..the first we knew of potatoes. You've worked it out- the sprouting potatoes that I throw in the compost bin had grown when the compost was spread on the flower bed. And we had a neat little crop of approx 6 small potatoes.

This might not impress those gardeners or farmers among you, but I was thrilled, and relished every bite. Daughter tells me my "inner farmer" is coming out! This year's crop is much more substantial at about 30 potatoes.

We've already made some potato salad, and I'm planning to bake some at the weekend in a fabulous Remoska oven that turns out the most amazing ones.

I might also try a recipe I have for chocolate potato cake- used to make it years ago and it is delicious.

Then again, I have to start my coffee shop tour tomorrow, camera in hand, so I may not have time. We'll just wait and see what happens.


  1. 30 potatoes...that's a good crop. That's how we got all our potatoes, too, a couple of years ago. But now that our 'inner farmer' (aka Anne) has been unleashed, we shall be growing them on purpose.

  2. Hi Stephanie, Good on Anne! Maybe we all have an "inner farmer", I mean, aren't we all descended from hunter gatherers?
    Thanks for your comment.

  3. We'll make a farmer out of you yet! And I'm very impressed. I would love to be self-sufficient and not have to pay the extortionate prices at the supermarket but I just haven't the time.

    Lots of love, CJ xx

  4. You need never buy another potato, Mimi. Hus and I love home grown potatoes but the nearest we get is to buy some that are organically produced - a high price to pay for some spuds.

  5. Crystal,thanks for the vote of confidence,the potatoes were just a happy accident. But next year will be different!!

    Valerie- I too just buy organic or locally grown Wexford ones (delicious) but this accident has given us a couple of week's supply,yippee!

    Thanks for all your comments, much appreciated.

  6. Ha! it's true! you DO have gazillions of potatoes, well done you!
    so clever, i'm very good at killing stuff in the garden...