Monday, August 31, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday

I know, I's yellow AND red, but I found it irresistible.

Seen on a shop on Grafton Street, Dublin.

I didn't go in as I'm sworn off clothes shopping for a year.

Click on the link below and pop over to Drowsy Monkey if you can for more lovely photos!


  1. Cool pic! Swear off clothes shopping for a year? How's that working for you?

  2. But what about that wardrobe? Just kidding...I admire your strength of purpose. I'd have been inside with that kind of invitation.

  3. Great pic...even if it has some red lol I love Dublin and really hope to go back one day!

  4. Hey there. I left a lil something for you at my blog. Stop by and pick it up when you can.

  5. Yellow with a bit of red makes for a great picture!

    Apparently there is a deep-seated sympathy of sorts associated with yellow and red, oen reason that many a food company choses those colors.

  6. Just me again- it's working quite well, every time I'm tempted, so far, I just remember that I have enough.It's been about 5 months now...
    NEG- yes, I like it too!
    Stephanie- the wardrobe/closet was for daughter, unfortunately!
    Becca- hope you do come back some day, give me a shout if you do!
    Sharon- on my way now!
    Merisi- fascinating re yellow and red: I've just begun an enterprise project with some students, running a tuck shop, so will tell them about this when they're doing their logo.

    Thanks for all your wonderful comments.

  7. “Stop the recession!
    Go buy something big today!”
    (Well, that’s what “they” say.)

    My Mellow Yellow