Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thank you

I just want to say thank you to people who commented on yesterday's post.
Thank you for your sensitive comments.

It was a big decision to share that letter, and I don't know why but I felt such relief when I clicked the "publish post" button. I had written the letters (there are lots of them) on bits of paper, as a way of expressing my feelings of overwhelming grief at the time. Then later, I wrote them into a notebook, and now have begun to put some of them online.
But then you start to think "what if they think I'm mad, writing letters to a dead person?" And then publishing them 21 years later?

But this is the wonderful thing about blogging, that you can connect with people who connect with you. And I've realised that for all of us, however long ago and whatever age we were when we lost our mother, it is a huge loss. Our mother is the only person on this earth who we've been physically bonded to and depended on for our survival.

I really do appreciate your sensitivity and your friendship.Thanks again.


  1. I just read your letter to your mother. How blessed you are to still suffer the pain of her passing, because it means you shared a great and precious love. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your relationship.

  2. There's never a 'right' time to lose someone as a loss is a loss. I read your letter to your mother and was very touched. I lost my father thirty two years ago and I remember him every day. I'm from Dublin and I saw your name in the 'Authorblog' comment box.

  3. Mimi, If someone thinks of you as a "mad" person, then they have never experienced this type of loss.

    There is a part of us that I beleive does go "mad" for a time, just to cope. And maybe i'm thinking of myself when I say that. My mother's anniversary of death will be 3 yrs on Sept 6, 2009.

    I get this. I get your posts! I appreciate you for sharing your heart work. Thank you, Mimi! Thank you.

    Pastor Sharon

  4. Quill- it was indeed a beautiful relationship. We did, like any others, have our moments of difference, but overall, we just had a wonderful closeness that I'm extremaly grateful for.
    Gaelikaa- thanks for that sensitive comment.
    Sharon- Lovely of you to stop by here, and I'm glad that you get my posts. I'm sorry for your loss, 3 yes is early in the grieving process, and it does get easier as time goes by.