Friday, September 25, 2009


Middle daughter came home yesterday with this teapot stand for me- she hand-made it in woodwork class. Isn't it just beautiful?

She has only been doing woodwork for 3 weeks, as one of her Transition Year options. Hubby thinks that she has inherited my Dad's talent- he was a cabinet-maker who became a farmer at age 65!

I'm looking forward to making a big pot of tea at the weekend, and parking it on this stand, just like this.
It will be a 3-generation thing: the teapot belonged to my mother, tea made by me, and stand made by my daughter.
And the other task I've set myself for the weekend is to learn how to crop photos- I really wanted to cut out that bright light reflection in the first photo, but anyone who could show me is gone to bed. Tomorrow, though, I will do it. I have to now, cos I said it here!
Have a nice weekend everybody.


  1. How gorgeous! And what a functional gift. I also adore how you've tied in the generational connection. It's going to make drinking your warm tea an extra special treat. :) Your daughter is quite the talent woodworker! Can't wait to see more of her projects in the future. :)

  2. Those hand-made gifts are so special. I still have a wooden box that my daughter made me when she was in school. I keep buttons in it now and would never consider letting it go. I was delighted to see that your teapot is exactly the same as mine. I always love that pattern and inherited my mom's pieces.

  3. It's a lovely teapot stand. I love anything made from wood. My Dad was a carpenter/joiner so I inherited my love of wood from him.

  4. I love the idea of a three generation gift.

  5. Mimi, talent seems to run in your family!

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments.
    Gaelikaa- my talent for making tea is not bad, though I doubt it's anything as good as yours!