Sunday, September 6, 2009

suffer little children

I'm finding it hard to post these days. I hate publishing a depressing post, but that's the reality so look away now if you're seeking upbeat.

It's depressing being back at work, our school lost 5 teachers this year, and they are not being replaced. The reality of this is classes are bigger, and students who were getting much-needed attention in small groups can't get that now. All our teachers are timetabled to the maximum hours, and extra duties will have to be done outside that time.

I know that the country is in a desperate state, and that we have to cut our spending. We are already overspending by something like 22billion euro.

What gets me is that so much money was wasted over the last few years, and that the "topdogs" are still not feeling the pinch- for instance, a levy was put on public servants' pay last November, which should have included judges. But, because of a loophole in the legislation, designed to keep the judiciary independent of the government, the pay of a judge can't be interfered with, so they were asked to voluntarily pay that levy. Very few of them have done so. At the same time, 4 year olds are now in classes of 35, children with special needs are not getting the attention they need, despite the government having lured them out of special schools for the last 10 years with the promise of support.

Our government holds onto the jet, ministers hold onto pensions and expenses, judges don't pay the levy, banks have been bailed out...

And all the time, it's suffer the little children.

And it's rained every day this week.

Rant over. I'll try to do a more upbeat post next time.


  1. Just be who you are each day...

    Your post sounded just like home. I think all our governments are in this deficit bind and are grabbing money where they can. It's always easier to take candy from a baby, isn't it?

  2. Ciao Mimi,
    I wished to thank you for becoming a regular over at my little kitchen.
    I have found a wonderful place here at your blog.

    Lola xx

  3. Hi Mimi
    I've popped over to say a bog thankyou for your kind comment at my place about my blood donation post.
    Very glad I popped over because I just love you blog and I agree absolutely wit you suffer little children post.
    My daughter has just started teaching 5-11 year olds and is over the moon at getting a job in a good school but they could offer her only a one-year contract. She is trying very hard to make a good impression. She got her PGCE degree in July.
    I see my good friend Lola is here and I too am singing up to your blog - best wishes ~ Eddie
    Oh I live near Bath and not far from Bristol

  4. Sorry, I said "A bog thank you" - mispelling honest, please read "a big thank you"

    I'm warning you, there is usually absolute chaos whenever I am around, ask Lola!

    Golly, another mistake,
    for "wit" please read "with"
    for "you" please read "your"
    for "singing uo to" please read "signing up to"

    I was dreadful at school and a late developer but now it is too late for me in this world because I am due to retire in October but will not because I love my anbulance job.
    If you ever want cheering up pop over and I will either improve your depression or make it worse with all my mistakes!!

    Oh you might like to read my Sunday Roasting at David's place - there's a link at my place.

    Best wishes ~ Eddie

  5. Eddie, I read your Sunday Roasting- that was how I found your wonderful blog!