Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thought I'd treat you to a selection of what adorns our lamp posts and traffic lights these days.

The country is voting (for the second time) on the Lisbon Treaty.

I'm not going into politics here, but those pink hearts really catch your attention., and make you nearly crash the car, reading the text to see if it's a new version. I don't know whether the EU loves low wages, but I do know that many of the rights that workers here now have, are thanks to the EU.

There is one that makes my blood boil. The 3 men pictured below signed the 1916 Proclamation. All three were executed- from left Padraig Pearse, Thomas Clarke and James Connolly. Pearse was a writer and a gifted educator with extraordinary vision; the letter that he wrote to his mother on the eve of his execution is an incredible document. Connolly was too badly injured to stand, so he was tied to a chair and executed thus.

I think it disgraceful for their image to be used, 93 years later, to push one agenda.

Who knows how they would view the Lisbon Treaty if they were alive today?

This final one seems to be saying that if we vote yes, we can be either construction workers or graduates.

And finally, this evening someone dropped a booklet in our door. I grabbed it,ran out to the road and gave it back. We already have the information booklet distributed by the Referendum Commission. I asked her "When has someone ever decided how to vote based on a booklet?" She replied that she's only distributing them as a favour to a friend.
I asked her to pass on this message " people are fed up of money being wasted on posters and booklets.
If you want me to vote, yes or no, call to my door and ask for my vote!"


  1. Elections cost a LOT of money here - for the candidates as well as the government election apparatus. We could have the unpopular opportunity to go to the polls one more time this year. We just voted this minority government in last fall. And that on top of two in the previous 3 years. We're bombarded for weeks with with ads and leaflets. And don't get me started on negative ad campaigns.
    The pink is at least cheerful as well as startlingly bright.

  2. Oh yes those booklets really get put in the trash and sometimes the land fills. They need to spend money more wisely. love the photos. Happy RT

  3. This is absolutely fascinating from someone who lives in America. I might look up this Pearse and his letter to his mother. I'm intrigued.

  4. It kills me not being able to vote as I'm still an Irish citizen and will remain one till the day I die. No one back home has mentioned anything about the Lisbon Treaty, must google it. My folks are not politically minded I guess.