Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

This was the room service menu in Monart, and the minute I saw it I thought"Ruby Tuesday"! Isn't it pretty? The food list inside was good too- not a "Hang Sandwich" in sight! The photo was taken on the balcony-unfortunately my "point and click" photography doesn't really do the forest background justice, but I did my best.

So take a bow, Mary at Work of the Poet, and fellow bloggers,you're affecting how I view the world!

For more wonderful Ruby Tuesday pictures, click the link below.


  1. Mimi, I love this menu! It's perfect for Ruby Tuesday. Try closing your browser and opening it again and see if you can sign into Mr. Linky on Ruby Tuesday. Do you have another browser? Open it and see if you can sign in to Mr. Linky. I haven't had other complaints. so try again and let me know if you are successful... Thanks for participating in Ruby Tuesday! :)

  2. Mary- successful, all my fault! Left not at yours explaining.
    NEG- it is pretty, isn't it?

  3. I think you're back at that notion of red as a marketing color. It definitely makes the menu very inviting.

  4. That is a really cool menu! Normally they are boring lol

  5. i'd like a peek inside that menu :)

  6. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments.
    Seems red is inviting, though the details inside were equally so.
    Because I was on my own there,and too self-conscious to eat alone in the dining room (casual dining finished at 7.30, I did order room service: Smoked chicken salad with blueberries(they kindly sub'd blueberries for strawberries)and roast Mediterranean vegetables.
    The food was delicious, and reasonably priced.