Sunday, May 3, 2009

Do what I do

This weekend is turning out much better than I expected.
I've just come back from a band rehearsal for the Marlay concert - it was fantastic! Hard work, mind, but such a learning experience. It reminds me in a funny way of how children learn from older children. The "funny" bit is that I'm the oldest (by a long shot) French Horn in the group, but very much a novice player. However, just sitting alongside and listening to experienced players, and following the music and playing some of it, is an amazing learning experience. It's that imitation thing that small children do- first time round, watch and listen carefully, second time imitate, and third time you feel as though you're doing it for yourself! Not sure what the seasoned players have to say about this, but they were helpful and gracious this morning anyway.
Came out of rehearsal to blue sky and sunshine, so I just hope that next Sunday's weather is as good. Now to "make hay while the sun shines" I'm off to the garden. Hope you're all having a nice weekend too.


  1. My daughter joined a local concert band - she plays the flute - after many years away from her music. Like you, she finds practice and rehearsals a most rewarding parts of her week.
    Good luck with your concert on Sunday.

  2. Stephanie V- a band is such a fun way to enjoy making music,I'm glad that your daughter is enjoying it, mimi