Thursday, May 7, 2009

Swine-flu mop-up

We've had one heck of a tummy bug in this house this week. The kids ask me if it's swine flu, and if it is, I'll kill the swine who gave it to us. On the plus side, I was able to tell them that if it is, I've survived it and so will they.

Started Sunday with me, vomiting all over the bathroom. Tuesday was eldest girl, also on the bathroom floor, Wednesday was middle girl, all over our bed and bedroom floor. I had forgotten as they've got bigger, what this used to be like- quilts, pyjamas, pillows in the wash etc.

I came back from band practice to a chaotic house. Heofinfinitepatience was, unfortunately, also out. Middle girl was sick, but announced that the boy would make a great nurse, because she had phoned downstairs (!) to him asking for water, and he brought up not one but 2 types!
Afer which she decorated our floor in style. Before I got a chance to clean up, eldest girl announced that her head hurt and she felt "weird". I don't know why, but I took her temperature- 102. Immediately rang my neighbour, as I've no experience of temperatures. My kids just never got them, in 17 years. Her eldest is 12 and she has vast experience of them ! Her recommendations were paracetamol and Neurofen, neither of which I had in the house! Had to borrow from her extensive stock.

I'm useless at the clean-up, I try to do it little by little, starting at the edge, but simply end up taking forever. As in 40 minutes, scouring grooves between the floorboards 3 times over in case I missed a bit. If anyone has a good method, I'd love to hear it.

Now we're all better, just in time for the big concert on Sunday, so all's well. I think though, that I will knit that swine-flu mask- saw a lovely pattern on the internet.

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