Saturday, May 2, 2009

Knitting to acting to computing

Daughter has ripped the knitting and started again. She's in love with blackberry stitch, and so decided that the whole scarf will be in blackberry, and in different colours. In the meantime, there is added to the mess in her room, a bundle of ripped alpaca yarn!
I reminisced with her how, when my mother was learning how to knit (at the age of 3, her father being the teacher), she would knit a long piece, throwing it over her shoulder when it became longer than herself, to prevent it trailing on the ground. There was very little yarn available so she would then rip it and start again, French Revolution Style! We also had a good look through the old knitting patterns, and had a laugh at how the men in them were made to look "cool" by having a cigarette in their hand! Seriously! She thinks that the women look very plastic, I think they look elegant.
It is really strange that those patterns still retain the aroma of my home, and if I close my eyes, I could be back in our little sitting room on a winter's night, by the fire, knitting and purling to my heart's content. Strangely comforting and yet reminding me of my loss at the same time.That folder is the only remaining item I have with that aroma - presumably because it is not opened very often. I wanted to drink in every last bit of it, yet feeling that the more I inhale, the less there will remain for another time.
The son abandoned the knitting mid-week as drama (the school play) took over. Now he's converting the camcorder footage into a dvd, and doing an excellent job if I may say so. The mind boggles- from knitting to acting to computing, all at the drop of a hat.
Myself, I've had a sore left shoulder all week- some would say it's emotional, and I would agree. I'm trying desperately to release it, so all suggestions would be welcome. I've done some IET, and sought freedom to replace "shoulds".
On the upside, it's a Bank Holiday Weekend here, so hurray!
Band practice tomorrow morning for upcoming concert- looking forward to it, and hoping to not make an idiot of myself. Have now to Google "also sprach zarathustra" and hope that Utube can help me to figure how it should sound.


  1. Your daughter's love of blackberry brought back a really well-buried memory. When I was her age I knit a cardigan for a friend entirely in blackberry stitch. It was an ugly shade of green -very trendy at the time - with brown trim around the edges. I think I'll bury it again LOL

    I was looking for Irish + knitting blogs and found you. I'm enjoying your children discovering knitting. Thanks for the posts.

  2. Welcome to the blog, Stephanie V, and thanks for becoming the first follower! It may not always have knitting stuff, we'll have to see what happens. As of today, the bundle of ripped yarn still adorns the bedroom floor! mimi