Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Winner and Thanksgiving

The winner of my giveaway was number 4, so Kerri will get the oil. Sorry that I can't send one to each of you, I'd really love to, but I'll have another one to give away on December 1st, same rules, so do call back!

To today's post, it's (kind of) Thanksgiving.

Yesterday was my birthday, and what a lovely, unusual day!

The public servants here were on strike , so I was on picket duty at 8.30, having left my 3 school-age children fast asleep at home. By the time I got back, they were up and about, ready with their best wishes. There were some lovely surprises too, one of which I'm particularly please to Christy Moore in January. I love Christy's music, and have always intended to go to one of his concerts, and never got round to it. But now hubbie has organised it for us. Andthe venue is also one I've intended to go to, but not yet made it to. 6th January is the date, so I'll tell you all about it after that.

In the evening, the Band had their annual concert in the National Concert Hall- it was a night filled with good food (hubbie and I had a bite to eat beforehand while our kids were hard at work rehearsing on/off stage etc) music and friends. I was filled with mother-pride at my Tuba-playing daughter and my French Horn-playing son. Some of the pieces were well-known (supercalafragalistic), so clapping along made it even more enjoyable. I'm a participative sort of audience!

And I give thanks for having been guided (by eldest daughter) to this wonderful organisation, so full of muscial talent, where young and old, one and all, are embraced and musically nourished to fullness.

And the icing on the cake?

Arrived home to find a gift and this lovely card waiting in my porch! The card is hand-made in India in aid of the Hope Foundation.

Sorry about the poor-quality photography, I'm too tired/lazy to play around with light at this hour of the night.

Life is indeed very rich and good at this moment, and I am very thankful for all of it.


  1. Happy Birthday, Mimi! That sounds like a wonderful day. So full of light and sound with family playing music and clapping hands. What else could one possibly want? That's a very pretty card.

  2. What a wonderful birthday!! And THANKS!

  3. Glad you had a lovely birthday Mimi. Congratulations from me too. Nice to see your day had an Indian touch!

  4. Happy birthday Mimi! It sounds like a really lovely one.

  5. Happy Thansgiving and HAppy Birthday!! Lovely card!

  6. Hey Mimi, it looks like my husband and I will be in Dublin from over Easter weekend :). I didn't see an e-mail address for you in your profile. If you wouldn't mind helping me hash out a few ideas my e-mail is robintlv AT gmail DOT com.


  7. Ah. Happy Birthday!!! Glad you had a good day :-)

  8. Sorry I am late, but ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :) I hope you had a fantastic day of celebrations. And I love that card you came home to. It's so beautiful! :)

  9. Happy Birthday To You! It does sound like a great day, well except for the strike thing, I'm curious what that's about.
    What a great gift! Your husband is a keeper. I can't wait to hear all about the concert!