Monday, September 6, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

Back to France for this week's Ruby Tuesday. As cachanilla73 says below-
Freedom isn't free

My idea in composing this was that the sacrifices and loss of life endured by those brave soldiers(symbolised by the poppies), and that horrible machine gun, were necessary so that we can today enjoy the freedom to ride on that lovely carousel. The beach in the background is one of the D-Day landing beaches. Click to enlarge.

I was quite emotional on our visit to these beaches, our teenage children, on the other hand, were not interested in gettting out of the car! WW2 probably seems like a long time ago to them!

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  1. This must have indeed been a very special visit. The ruby touch to the picture is very sentimental and touching.

  2. Interesting how the poppies are such a contrast - so bright and soft - to the somber grays and blues and that big black gun. Very evocative photo. Good one, Mimi!

  3. My family fought on both sides of that war. I was in the Canadian Navy for 20 years. I visited these sites while I was in. It can be very emotional there. Still all said I am proud of all my family who served in that war. They served and died for their perspective countries no matter what else the politics may say.
    by the way wonderful pic.

  4. Very nice thoughts and interpretation. My husband and father-in-law both served the military.

    Spice Up Your Life with Ruby Tuesday!

  5. Very nice post. My Boricua served 12 years in The Marines. He is ill due to his service, but He still believes in it. Freedom isn't free.

  6. Kids grow up now in a different society, WW2 is like a story about middle ages for them

  7. Interesting although war means killing each other and is everything but civilization...

  8. I've always wanted to go to Normandy and see where the soldiers landed on D-Day. It would be extremely emotional. I have young sons now who are the ages of those boys who landed on the beaches. One of them is going into the Marines in 29 days.

  9. Yes...... we owe them a lot. Lovely tribute.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May