Saturday, September 4, 2010

Summer Stock Sunday

I took this picture in Porto, while I was there in August.

I just thought there was something cute and a little cheeky about the stand of this fella. To me, he looks as though he has just pooped all over the stone, and stands proudly displaying his deed.

What do you think?

And the Summer Stock Sunday element is that you'd never see doorways like this in Dublin, so every time I look at it, I know it's from a trip abroad.

For more Summer Stock Sunday, which continues till the end of September (hurrah, extended summer!!) click on the picture below, which takes you to a beautiful tropical island, and Robin, who hosts this fun meme.

Edit: I got an invite from Catherine at Despatches from the Deise to a BBQ at Karen's. Popped in, brought some twice-baked potatoes and a giant sized chocolate cake, and there's some great food and even better company! Links are in names, if you're at a loose end any time this weekend. I love a good party!


  1. I like the deco over the two brown doors, and that gull is certainly in a good spot for keeping an eye on everything! Where is Porto?

  2. The old doors with their patina are certainly old world looking.
    I smiled at your thoughts about Mr. Seagull. :)
    Nice to see you posting.

  3. Omigosh I am laughing at your description of the pigeon. I saw that but didn't think of it until you mentioned in & that's exactly what he looks like. "Hey world, look at me. See what I've been doing. This is my rock and I'll do what I want."

    Awesome blog!


  4. Hey Mimi! Your blog is decorated just like my condo, in shades of purple and green. I feel right at home! :)

  5. Hi Mimi! It's great to *meet* you. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm so curious to know when your friend lived in Hong Kong. I lived there between 1982 and 1995. I wonder if I knew her.... Wouldn't that be something? And I love people who love Hong Kong, so YAY for us being blog friends!! And yes, shopping in HK is the best. :)

    Take care,

  6. That pigeon is so darn cute. He is proud of himself. Just stopped by from KarenG's BBQ blogfest. Nice to meet you! :D

  7. Hi :) Just popped over from the BBQ, nice to meet you! And he looks very proud of himself *grin*

  8. Hi Mimi! Thanks for finding me at Karen's BBQ. :)

    I did laugh at your thoughts on the pigeon - he does look rather proud of himself, doesn't he? Master of all he surveys!

  9. That picture is indeed very funny.;)) I see it exactly the way you do.;)
    Yes indeed Mimi, it has turned colder here as well and I have now started to heat my lower floors in the night.,)
    Have a lovely Sunday,

  10. Love the old doors. And I love gulls - although they are inordinately proud of what they do best! I think you're right about his/her attitude.

  11. He does look quite cheeky indeed. I love the blue tiles above him too, so very Portuguese.

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  12. Cheeky seagull for sure!

    I'm here from KarenG's BBQ. It's great to meet a fellow writer. Have a great week.


  13. I found your gorgeous blog thanks to the wonderful Karen G and your fabulous BBQ! I love meeting new people!!!

    PS quite the cheeky little thing!

  14. That was a great photo! Love his cheeky face but not his mess! Ha ha!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May