Sunday, September 19, 2010

Summer Stock Sunday

There was lots of work going on in Madrid when we were there in August. When Madridians clear out to the seaside, the city takes the opportunity to upgrade streets and Metro stations. Seems very sensible to me

I was fascinated with the word "Obras" in the second sign, because the Irish word for work is Obair.

But it wasn't all work and no play, there was lots of relaxation going on too!

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  1. There's lots of road work going on here in Nova Scotia, too - but somehow the Spanish brickwork seems far more exotic.

    Cool about the similar words for work.

  2. We're surprised when there's NOT road work here in swampy Louisiana!

    Thanks for commenting at Eddie's Sunday Roast on my silly thoughts. :) Nice bloggy here.

  3. Yes, summer seems to be a great time to dig up the streets. Happens every year as soon as it's warm and dry.

    I love linguistics and language...similarities are so interesting and definitely tell a story. I've noticed that with Irish and French, too. The Romance factor? Or the Gaelic?

  4. I just came back from my hols in Barcelona and there were still lots of work going on there, well into September. My local friend complained that every morning when she takes her kids to school somewhere on the route, road is closed...

  5. Thats interesting about the closeness of the languages!
    I love the top photo........ looking down.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  6. I feel sorry for the ones who have to stay behind and work under that sweltering sun while everyone else is off on holiday - I hope they're getting quite a lot of overtime pay!

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  7. I second what Julia said - there is always road work here. :)
    But it does look like a good balanceof work and play which is what we all need to be doing.

  8. So funny that the Spanish word is so similar to the Irish.;)
    I have never been to Madrid, but would sure love to go right now.;)

  9. I remember Madrid in the summer from years back. Sweltering. I can understand why the natives want to head for the coast.