Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chance Encounter

Went to the Met Opera HD in the local cinema again tonight; this "Don Pasquale" performance was sold out. My usual partner(my 18yo daughter) was otherwise occupied (party), so I had a spare ticket.

To be honest, I had a mini debate in my head around what to do with it. We got the tickets free through a Sunday Times scheme, and part of me didn't want a stranger sitting next to me. But then when I realised it was sold out, I went back to the ticket booth to see if someone would like it.

Initially, I approached two ladies, who looked at me with deep suspicion and a touch of scorn, and informed me that they had booked. But the man behind them started waving at me, a 50 euro note in his hand, very keen to get the last remaining ticket. He couldn't believe his luck when I wouldn't take any money for it, as they sell for 25 euro each!

Turns out, he knew quite a bit about opera, which he willingly shared with me, including a snippet about the lead lady, Anna Netrobko. She worked as a janitor at St Petersburg's Mariinsky Theatre. and then went on to audition for the same theatre.

Just goes to show, one good turn leads to another. I appreciated the information and he appreciated the free ticket!

The picture above is one I had in my archives, taken near my brother's house in Kent. I like the light in it, and the rainbow seemed appropriate to this post!

P.S. My 14yo son thinks I was mad not to take the money, and says I could have given it to him if I really didn't want it!


  1. The pot of gold for that lucky man. And more golden information for you. Lovely post and a lovely photo.

  2. No matter how old I get, I will always love a rainbow caught :).

  3. What a lovely story.;) Anna Netrebko is not just talented by a stunning beauty.;) Some of her CD covers look like fashion magazine covers.;) One of my friends is completely taken by her.;) I like her as it shows that talent an beauty, just like brain and beauty, do occasionally coexist.;)
    Have a lovely Sunday dear Mimi,

  4. You are very kind! And that's what this world needs more of! I think it was great of you to give the man the ticket :)

    And a LOVELY rainbow my friend!

  5. I think I would have gone on my own. I don't mind doing that!
    Your are incredibly kind to give the ticket away.
    Great rainbow!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  6. What a kind gesture. Glad you had an enjoyable time.

  7. Beautiful rainbow, you can see it, admire it, but you never can touch it. It's almost like the unique true feelings in our everyday life... Kind regards.

  8. I love rainbows. Every so often I see a double rainbow and figure that's double the good luck.

  9. Thanks for all your lovely comments.
    I feel embarassed now for writing about it, and giving the ticket was just what any one of you would have done too. I got a lot of pleasure from his enjoyment. And the ticket cost me nothing anyway, thank you Sunday Times!

  10. I'm so glad you had fun and found a good "neighbor" to sit next to. And I loved your description of those ladies. I know the type exactly! :)

    P.S. And perfect response from your 14-yo too. LOL!