Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wonderland and Ruby Tuesday

This is not a dream of Ireland. And it's not a depressing post.

We're in snowy Wonderland here at the moment, but it's also relevant to the story I'm about to tell.

Younger daughter was co-producing the 5th Year play in her school - "Alice in Wonderland". It ran for 3 nights last week. She has put an enormous amount of work into this, adapting the script, doing up selection rehearsal schedules, fundraising, programme, and about a million other things I don't know about. What I do know is that we've seen very little of her in the last 3 weeks; in the evenings and even on weekends she has been at the school.

So, opening night was Thursday, and she wasn't home at all after school, busy organising last-minute stuff. I was just about to make dinner when she rang me, asking if I could bring down a booklight. Searched high up and low down and could not locate the booklight.

After many phone calls the easiest thing was to head into rush-hour traffic and buy a booklight, which I safely delivered.

After that, I nipped into the local deli, pictured below, to get some lasagne and coleslaw for dinner.

I always chat to the man who owns the deli, and told him about the play, the daughter etc, being the reason why I was here buying dinner. And yes, I was being a proud Mama too.

He told me they were providing the canapés for opening night.

The following morning, daughter informs me that I left my credit card in the deli!
Apparently, when he delivered the canapés, he told them to tell the producer that her mother had left her credit card in his deli! And I got a big slagging for being a show off!

But I am proud as punch of her. She is so capable, carries out tasks in a committed, enthusiastic way, and really did a fantastic job of juggling the many tasks of producer. And she made a wonderful speech on closing night!
I'm including a photo of her, which also has a touch of ruby in the chair, from last summer when she played solo at a Feis Ceol (music festival), yet another proud moment for me as her mother. Here she is, on the right, with the accompanist just before she began playing.

If you'd like to see more Ruby, head over to Mary T by clicking on the slippers at the top.


  1. You have every right to be proud! What a wonderful experience for your daughter. Sounds like she carried it all off well. Love your pictures too.

  2. You should be proud! :) She sounds like a wonderfully sweet and accomplished young woman - a testament to how she's been raised. :)

    I am also jealous to hear of all the snow you're receiving! So many years in Edinburgh and never, ever this sort of winter wonderland.... what gives? :)

  3. You should be very proud of your daughter. She sounds like she hard worker. Congrats to the both of you.

  4. Daughters like this make it all worthwhile.

  5. We still brag on our daughters...all 4 of them. And why shouldn't we? Daughters are awesome, aren't they?

  6. It's wonderful to see your daughter doing something that you know she loves. That guarantees success. Your rubies are perfect this week, Mimi!

  7. What a beautiful girl inside out. Love her ruby hair.;))
    Enjoy your snow, here we are under a heavy snow blanket as well, it came way too early.;))

  8. What a lovely girl, inside and out. She's got her mama's beautiful coloring and heart too.

    PS No electric cars yet, but we're hoping...

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  9. No wonder why you are a so proud mum! Congratulations.

  10. You have everything to feel proud of with a lovely daughter...... Quite natural to feel proud of her.
    Love the look of the deli and I'm pleased you got the card back!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May