Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Howling Storm

This is not champagne popping. It's raindrops through my window. This is a sad and depressing post. Don't read it if you need cheering up.

Outside, a storm has gathered. Rain and howling wind.

And our little country is engulfed in a similar storm. Talks are under way for an EU/IMF bailout for us. Apparently the banks have the big problem, but the banks and the country are completely intertwined, thanks to a blanket guarantee given by our government 2 years ago. We now don't have any more billions left to capitalise the banks, and no option not to capitalise them.

I'm recording how I feel here.

I feel like howling too. We're about to lose our sovereignty. This government has been disastrous for our country, and they have lied traitorously to the people. They have completely failed in their handling of the crisis that they got us into. They have poured billions that we can't afford into banks that behaved irresponsibly lending to developers that have gone bankrupt, but held onto villas and mercs. They have lived it up, squandered taxpayers money on trips and junkets. In their view, it was party, party, party.

Well, we have one hell of a hangover now. And it's not going away, no paracetamol or aspirin will work for it.

Yesterday, an unemployed developer strangled his two daughters after his wife left for work, then doused his car in petrol and drove it at high speed until it crashed and burst into flames.

It is a black day for Ireland. A terrible mess. I love my country, love the fact that I'm Irish, love how other nations love us. `We've produced some good people, great writers and artists among them. But tonight, I feel desperately sad, and I'm in tears for a nation brought to its knees by silly, greedy politicians.

And I hope that I will live long enough to see us recover and to tell grandchildren about how it came about, and how we recovered from it.


  1. And the weather matches how you feel... if it were bright and sunny you might feel like throwing a tomato at the heavens. Men are so fickle. I am so sorry about this -- words cannot express.


  2. I think you have every right to be mad at your government. I feel the same way about ours. Too much greed and power has made a shambles out of our country.

    I hope that things look up soon for you.

    Wishing you protection from the storm.

  3. "The love of money is the root of all evil". We see that over and over and over again. And we don't seem to learn our lessons. I'm sorry that the storm has hit your beautiful country. It does not bring out the best in any of us, I fear.

  4. Very informative post, Mimi. I had no idea. In the U.S., even with 24/7 news channels (half of which are more "info-tainment" than anything), we hear very little of what's happening in the rest of the world.

    I'm very sorry to hear about what's going on in Ireland. I've been there only once, and loved the Irish people. All the best to you.

  5. This is really sad for Ireland. I follow another Irish blogger, Barbara Scully, who often posts about the political & economic climate there, and this week her post was very similar. Let's hope things get straightened out soon.

  6. I am so sorry dear Mimi, I have been following the news about Ireland as well - as you now I carry a deep sense of connection to your beuatiful country due to my ex boyfriend.
    I hope that you guys will pull through somehow, as I know your country has been struggling with troubles and oppression through out history as well. But you fought through it and you will this time as well.
    My thoughts go to you and yours,

  7. Your banking crisis is even making the papers here.

    My god, those poor children, what they must have felt in their final moments, and my god, their mother...

  8. I think all of us over here are feeling deeply for you in Eire, Mimi. They should have left us all alone I think & I have never been that keen on the EU and hope our currency will never be changed. I never did trust the Euro.
    There should be some safety net on the Banks. I don't trust them anymore.
    I hope things improve in my lifetime but I doubt it very much. I sincerely hope it does in yours.
    Keep hanging in there.....
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  9. First visit here Mimi, I'm delighted I found you. I to am Irish, long time emigrant to Canada and am heartbroken at the suffering and government disregard. and the greed. I was there last year, in Dublin and my friends and family there could see all this coming and knew in their souls they had to get back to a sense of real values.

  10. Awful days we live in Mimi. This financial storm is terrible ans I blame:
    1. Globalization
    2. Greedy Bankers
    3. Irresposible Polititians
    4. The European Economic Community

    We, countries, were ALL much better when we were independant, with our own cultures, industries, economies.

    I too am very cross because I love Ireland and it's people and I am sorry to say the Global desease is spreading. Brussels has a lot to answer for.

    As for bankers and politicians I have lost faith in them all.

  11. Send you *virtual hugs* -- It's been tough here as well, but I wasn't aware of what was happening in Ireland. I'm so sad, my great grandparents came from there and I have a special place in my heart for Ireland. ;(

  12. Great post, Mimi.
    It's total crap isn't it? And yes, very depressing. It's hard to stay positive and upbeat, and to feel in any way forgiving. Greed is an insidious and nefarious creature. I've found it hard to blog this week, in a total slump here.
    Really need to shake myself out of it and not let it get to me. C x

  13. (((((((((((((Mimi)))))))))))))).
    A hug from across the sea where our government also misleads, no doubt. Life. How sad the story of the man you wrote of...

  14. Interesting!! I hope you will find some time to visit my travelling blog to see a beautiful Greek island! Hugs

  15. Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :-)

    Hope you'll be back blogging soon and not too in a slump. *hugs*

    C x

  16. Belated happy birthday, fellow 24th Novemberer!

    I came over to give you an idea about Thanksgiving, since you asked on my blog. But this doesn't seem quite the right moment.

    Poor Ireland. I feel the same about Britain, watching from the other side of the Atlantic. People losing jobs left, right and centre. Decisions made by unelected bankers, rather than democratically elected politicians. The rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. It's really dreadful.