Friday, December 10, 2010

Before the Thaw 2

This is what our hallway has looked like for the last 2 weeks. Actually, that's not true, this is the tidy version! And I'm embarassed about the chipped paint... but I'll be too busy cleaning windows to worry about paint!

This is the blacked-out velux in my kitchen... there will have to be serious window cleaning before Christmas Day...

No basketball practice going on this week!

And we won't be having any picnics or barbeques for a while!

! I'm fed up of it now (can't believe I wrote that!), every journey is a misery, the footpaths are treacherously icy, main roads are fine but on side roads it's like driving through a ploughed field, with ice underneath.
But, all said, it has been magical, and 2 weeks of it has not made me fall out of love with snow, just I prefer when it's fresh, not icy.


  1. Winter it is! So sorry for your frustration Mimi. We have snow all the time and learn it's part of the process of the season. I can imagine not having it much and then tiring of it quickly. I too like the pretty and fresh in the beginning.
    I hope you are back to normal soon. In the meantime stay warm.

  2. Wouldn't it be nice if snow just fell prettily before bedtime and then melted away in the morning? We'd always be left wanting more.

  3. I love all the pictures from the two snow posts. We had very similar snow here, as you know, (very unusual for our area, as well -- probably something to do with El Nino) and then yesterday morning we woke up and it was gone. A chinook wind came and spirited ALL the snow away! I couldn't believe it. We still have a bit on the hills, but you'd never know it had been everywhere the day before.

    Stay safe. Icy conditions are scary!


  4. Oh, the same thaw came our way last night. I went to sleep in a beautiful fairytale like landscape and woke up to semi grey world... I almost cried... I LOVE the snow and I want it back.
    Luckily the smiling weatherman on the TV tells me it is coming back next week.;)
    Have a lovely weekend.;)

  5. Snow gets you down after a while, not that we have any of it left over our way, but more is forecast and I saw some grit lorries going somewhere up the main road this evening. Guess they know something that we don't!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  6. That is quite a lot of snow, and I remember you posting a lot last year as well. It's funny, I never thought of Ireland as snowy until I met you. I don't know why, it's certainly far enough north.

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  7. The snow is pretty when it is new and fresh. Stay safe and warm.

  8. Wow, Mimi, you've been hit with a real snow storm! We've been living with freezing cold and bitter wind but no snow ... so far! :)

  9. Hi Mimi, I stumled on your blog via "What the Sea told me". I am in the Midlands...looks like the snow is back today. Not here, but certainly in Dublin....stay safe and warm.

  10. Our winter hasn't been too bad - but we have had snow cover for almost 3 weeks .... and it is a PAIN. I'm longing for Spring!

  11. Strange how something so miserable can be so beautiful, huh? Oh, and I didn't even notice the chipped paint. ;) Merry Christmas to you!

  12. Oh, Mimi, I talk to Dublin every day. I know what you're going through. We have that awful dry cold in north India, icy cold but no snow.

    I hope you get a let-up soon.

  13. Mimi, wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New year ~ Eddie x