Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's gone

Now that the thaw is almost complete, thought I'd share a few photos from my rambles around Dublin this past 10 days...and I promise, this ends the snowposts!

Some statues in St. Stephen's Green. Snow here doesn't usually stick to the trees.

Spectacular reflections along the canal.

All the paths in the park looked so pretty.

No takers for these benches today.

This time round, we realised that life must go on, and it was business as normal, nearly! speaking of life going on, the building on the right is Anglo Irish Bank, the cause of much of our troubles in Ireland.

And the shops realised they'd have to clear the ice in front of their doors if they wanted to entice shoppers in!

Poor ducks, they've had a tough time of it, most of their pond has been frozen over.

Big steps in the snow, I think they look like a giant face!

Can't believe my road looked like this!

But all's back to normal now, and we can go for proper walks now, you know, the kind where you "walk", in shoes, not "stomp", in boots!


  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed your snow pictures!

    It has caused me to stop and realize how blessed we are to have this white stuff at our finger tips every winter.

    You can keep on posting them as long as your heart desires!

  2. Oh, and the pathway, it looks like it needs to be made into a winter greeting card.

  3. Don't stop the snow pictures! We rarely, if ever, get snow here and I LOVE to see it!

  4. I love your snow pictures and the scenes from Dublin. The canal has pretty reflections of the sky and the swans are pretty. I wish you and your family a very healthy and happy New Year.

  5. Beautiful snow pictures. We received a trace of it today.....in fact I can just see a few flakes falling past the window as I type.

  6. Snow has such transformative power. Nothing looks the same at all. I especially like the statues in the Green.

  7. Beautiful snow images, stunning...
    Our snow has almost all dissipated in the last 24h. We got hit by a westerly wind and plus degrees. But a cool down is on its way back again, hopefully with some flurries again. I love snow as it makes the long winter more light and bearable.;))

  8. I am still visiting around on your blog! Really love these photos. Missing Dublin and snow, love them both!