Thursday, December 2, 2010

The White and Fluffy Bonus

We've been snowed-in this week, which is not at all normal for this time of year.
Even Goldsmith (outside Trinity College)has never seen anything like it! It bucketed down all day today, we must have had 12cm or more!

But, oh, it's so exciting! We've topped up all the feeders, and lots of hungry birds have been feasting.

From "the home of the black stuff"... where, if you believe the (Guinness) ad they "dream of a white one"... this is the back gate, not the one in the ad.

Some buses have been running. I admire the drivers who keep things moving, braving the elements, and being patient with people who haven't used a bus since they were students, maybe 20 years ago. That's not me, of course!. Roads have been icy, icy, icy. This looks like it's wet, but it was ice.

And my car refused to leave the driveway.

So I walked most of the 5 miles to and from school. I saw some lovely sights en route, and having the right gear, it wasn't really a hardship. I love walking in snow! Might have taken a break on one of these benches, but they were covered in snow!

So many photo opportunities, so many thoughts of "this will be great for the blog".

That's it for today. I took a video of the heavy snowfall, will try to upload that tomorrow.
School's out now for the rest of the week, hurrah!


  1. Happy you...snow days! Such fun when you have nothing to do and nowhere special to be. Enjoy the white fluffy stuff.
    Take care on your tramps through the snow - I was invincible until last week.

  2. Beautiful snowfall, I guess it has been snowing across wast part of Europe.;)) Enjoy the beauty of the snow while it lasts, here we are suppose to get higher temps and it will most like melt next week.

  3. Lovely snow images! I'm not real big on snow but glad it makes you happy :)

  4. Good to see a Dub's view of the snow :)
    I'm in Laois - snowed in but very cosy.
    Thanks for posting the pics.

  5. Thanks for taking us on a lovely journey in the snow. The pics give insight and I especially love that I got to enjoy this without having to wear my coat.

    I really love the first picture.

  6. We are both experiencing the same thing, aren't we? :) Though all our snow is melting now. *sigh*

    I got the poetry book in the mail! It arrived in excellent condition (and the stamps were beautiful!). I can't wait to read it. Thank you so much!


  7. It's beautiful! We've had hardly any of the fluffy stuff, but it's bitterly cold in Detroit.

  8. I had to come see after I looked at a NASA photo showing the Emerald Isle with a coating of white.
    Here is the link:
    I'm glad you were prepared to walk when your car refused the trip!