Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer Stock Sunday Pink Plum Bonanza

There's a reason why today's Summer Stock Sunday post is a bit late.
Yesterday, my sister was going on holiday, so I offered to bring her to the airport. She lives down the country, in Co. Clare.

I got a text early yesterday morning, "expect a large bag of plums". When P says large, that means enormous! She doesn't do small, maybe not even medium.

Aren't they beautiful? Some of them are the size of grapes, and they're the most beautiful pink colour.
She has had the plum tree for about 7 years, and it never produced any plums. Now this year, the branches were so laded some of them snapped.

This is batch number 4 (i know! large!) washed and ready to be cut up for plum and orange marmalade. I'll post the marmalade picture tomorrow, I'm typing this as the sugar dissolves!

For more Summer Stock Sunday, click on the link at the top, which will bring you to Robin's blog.

Thanks to Hubby who took the pictures, my camera has run away from home to protest at being neglected.


  1. What a bumper crop!! My absolute favourites!! My mouth is watering! We used to have a Victoria Plum Tree in our garden but very old, maybe Victorian LOL (I jest of course). We had a few crops but not nearly as good as yours. Unfortunately it died and I used the stump to grow a Clematus Montana and unfortnately that was attacked by an over enthusiastic Mr Bluelights who pruned it, get this, right down to the stump LOL. Back to the drawing board - a new clematus I think - if I planted a plum tree by the time I am ready to depart this world LOL we might have our first crop.
    Hugs ~ Eddie

  2. Errata sheet to last comment:
    For Mr Bluelights please read Mrs Bluelights LOL

  3. I love plums - and marmalade! I'm a bit concerned that I will have to wait 6 more years for my plum tree to bear fruit. But if this this is the reward, then OK - I guess.

    BTW, I left answers to your sock questions in my comments yesterday.

  4. Oooooh..... yum!
    They look absolutely delicious. I just love plums.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. Those look beautiful. I used to love plums but oddly I lost my taste for them when I was pregnant with Itai (so over 10 years ago) and it just never came back. Weird...

    I'll post your link to the linkie for you so that everyone else can see these beauties too. Enjoy them!

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  6. Mmmm. They look delicious. Maybe a plum cobbler would be tasty, too.

  7. They are first I thought they were grapes taken off the clusters, they are the same color! I'll be looking for the marmalade photo and maybe you will also share the recipe?

  8. We have an illegal plum tree in our backyard that produces plums that look exactly like that! It's illegal because I think to have fruit trees you are supposed to spray them (because we live in an agricultural area), but we don't know the first thing about insecticide, so we never have. Thankfully no one has turned us in yet! ;)


  9. Oh Mimi, they look yummy.;) I have a post planned about "our" plums for later this week.;)
    Have a great Monday.;))

  10. Nam, they looks very good to me!
    Happy week to you:-)

  11. I know you are glad your sister shared the bounty! They do look delicious. I love plums.
    We have a plum tree we inherited when we moved here four years ago. This year there were maybe a handful of plums that suprised me. Maybe next year we'll be more lucky.