Monday, August 1, 2011

Tuscany Day 1

Thanks to Robin at Around the Island, who responded to my request here for suggestions of things to do/places to eat in Tuscany. Notwithstanding that she was in the middle of studying for exams, she emailed me loads of info.
This walk took our fancy, and when the bus tour of Florence brought us to the starting point, we decided to give it a go.

Fantastic views!

The end point of the walk is a hamlet, with a fantastic restaurant, but we didn't make it that far. It was hot, we were tired and just couldn't keep going uphill any longer.

But, in itself, the walk was well worthwhile, and it was so nice to get up into "them there hills", and to feel the cool breeze. If I loved in Florence, the hills is where I'd head, for sure!


  1. This had to be one of the highlights of MY visit too. Beautiful place.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. Beautiful. I don't think I'd want to come home.

  3. Magnificent view! I know it's a typo, Mimi, but I had to smile at "if I loved in Florence". It sounds as though you did fall in love with Tuscany. Doesn't everyone?

  4. Such beautiful scenery. How I'd love to visit. Thanks for posting these fine images.