Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuscany Day 1 continued

Just want to add a few more photos from our day in Florence.

While we were having lunch, I noticed the Bride arriving onto the square. What drew my attention to her was the fact that she was so careless with her dress, not worrying at all how dirty it would get.

We took a few photos, from a distance, not wanting to intrude. Then we realised there were no guests.

And 2 photographers.

My guess is that it was a model doing a photoshoot. What do you think? If I felt that it was a real wedding, there's no way we would have taken so many photos!

When we came down from the hills (see previous post), we had another bite to eat, and then it was time to get our train back to Pisa, where we were staying.

Hubby took this shot of the Arno with lights reflected on it. I think it's beautiful.


  1. I think you were right: it looks like a photo shoot. The reflections in the Arno are gorgeous!

  2. Great photos! I love the idea of you photographing a photo shoot, so cool!

  3. Enjoyed catching up here, Mimi. Looks like a fab, and well deserved holiday was had! (Am slightly envious though!)

    Lovely photos, and yes, the Arno, how beautiful. The word alone conjures up imagines of Room With A View.... *sigh*

  4. No wonder she didn't care if the dress got dirty! What fun to be part of the story.

    That reflected light just glows so warmly. How lovely it must have been to be there.

  5. I'm guessing photoshoot. I thought about the dress. I remember being so careful but I wonder why. You only wear it once so why not enjoy and take the worry away. :)
    Tell your hubby his night shot is wonderful!

  6. Carletta, I agree!
    I was quite careful, then had it cleaned, ready for wear again. It was cream silk, and not all that "weddingy", I thought. I remember assuring hubby that I would "get loads of wear from it". He was dubious.
    The dress is still in the dry cleaners bag, 23 years later. Worn once.

  7. Beautiful...that last photo your husband took. I love the golden lights reflected on the water.

    Looks like you are having (or had) lots of fun in Tuscany.