Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hot Spit Roast

You know Eddie Bluelights?


Well, he got his lassoo, swung it over the Irish Sea, and I tell you, he's some shot!

He caught me, and is Roasting me over his famous

spit this week, in the Sunday Roast. (photo from

It's online from 12GMT and you can get it by clicking on this image

Please come over and make him turn down the heat...pretty, pretty please?
P.S. Eddie just told me that he got "creative" with this Roast, inspired by my French Horn.
Now, I'm really worried.


  1. Hi Mimi, I read the Sunday Roast, and I enjoyed meeting you there.

  2. This is new to me but I'll certainly be there for your debut!

  3. Mimi - I think the content of your roast was excellent and it was a pleasure for me to put it all together.

    And as for the French Horn, I immediately thought about the Fanders and Swann comedy skit on Mozart's Horn Concerto No 3.

    It is a great shame that more people have not read your roast and I think we have posted at a quiet time. However I still think some people will visit.

    Thanks again and please stay in contact.
    (Do a video for us and give us a tune, that is if someone hasn't nicked your French Horn LOL)

    . . . . and there was I thinking you were a music teacher LOL

  4. Mimi, I enjoyed your roast. I don't usually go to Eddie's blog, but for some reason today I did.

    We have several things in common. I played the French Horn until after my freshman year of college. I am sorry that I gave it up. I had wanted to be a teacher, but I found art and the smell of the paints and the colors of the water colors pulled me in.

    My mother died at 65 years of age from Lung cancer. I could so relate to your lovely post about your Mother.

    I also read Amy at She Writes. Take care and enjoy your roast. It was very good.

  5. I came back to become one of your followers. I don't know anyone in Dulin, so I am excited to meet you and get to know a new friend.

    Is it really that cold in Dublin? 12 degrees?
    Burr, I can't imagine considering how hot it is in Texas.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment.

  6. Me again. Thanks for the mention on the interview. You did wonderfully well and I think you had more than a little fun!

  7. Hey Mimi! Enjoyed getting to know you at the Sunday Roast.

  8. Hey Mimi, Stopping over from Eddie's. It's nice to meet you. YOU did a great job on the Roast. Isn't Eddie the greatest !?!?!

    I'm off to look around your blog. Happy Sunday,

  9. I will try to follow your link.;) What a fun post.;))

  10. Mimi......... I have just come back from holiday and have only just read your Roast over at my brother Eddie's place. It was great to see you and the french horn is nearly as big as you are.
    I think it was an excellent roast..... not just because of the lovely things you said about me....... though I was very flattered.
    I feel I know you and it was great to see a friend being roasted. (In the nicest possible way of course!)
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May