Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer Stock Sunday

Somehow, a boat trip always says summer to me.

This is from my recent visit to Porto. They do a boat trip around the harbour, which lasts about an hour.

I like the swell behind this little boat - makes it look brave, setting off on its journey!

Robin at AroundTheIsland hosts Summer Stock Sunday, and there are a few weeks to run---good, cos I've a few more summer pics to share!


  1. That has to be just about the most perfect little boat ever! Gorgeous photo!

  2. Ah, boat trips. Yes. In the med. Oh, yes! But you can have too much of a good thing I find, especially when it's stormy out at sea...

  3. oh, the summer in Sweden goes.....and i miss so much the sun
    ncie shots

  4. It does look like this would be a great boat trip.

  5. I love boat trips too!

  6. High rock cliffs, beautiful water - a lovely scene!

  7. What a cute little boat! How did I miss this post? Glad I found it now, it's lovely :).

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