Monday, August 23, 2010

Brussels - a novel shop: Ruby Tuesday

For more Ruby Pictures, or to join in, click on the Ruby Slippers above, and go to Mary T, who kindly hosts the meme.

Our one outing in Brussels was really lovely.
I found lots of rubies too!

We went to a bookshop with several restaurants in it! The complex also has a few apartment blocks, and I thought it would be a lovely place to retire in- just nip down to the bookshop for meals and entertainment, all you need is lots of money!

It's called Cook and Book, and I think this is a brilliant idea. I've always liked the idea of a coffee shop within a bookshop, but a restaurant is even better. And the food was very good.

The shop also sells nice food items, flavoured oils and drinks. All beautifully packaged.

There are several eating areas, and several book areas

the books arranged by topic and language- here is the English area-

Some of the book displays are unusual.

I really liked this black cow holding a tray of books on his head.
Seems like a good offering.

I hope he doesn't find it too heavy!

There were lots of books hanging from the ceiling, suspended on string.

Children loved climbing into this old car!

It was on display in one of the eating areas.

Ais got tired and sore after a while of sitting, so they went home, and I had a little while exploring the shop on my own. I selected this book from the English section and settled down with a cup of coffee for a closer look. I did return it to the shelf, reluctantly, because I have so many chocolate cookbooks. Now I'm sorry I didn't buy it. Next time I won't be so restrained.

I have one other picture of a fireplace at the entrance, but I'm saving that for another Ruby Tuesday!


  1. Very unique store!
    I like the hanging books and the unusual tables for books. Not the ordinary bookshelves one would expect but artful displays.
    Thanks for taking us along Mimi. :)

  2. I with you. We have coffee shop in the book stores here. I love it.
    My Ruby Link is here for you

  3. Wonderful place. Yes, I think a restaurant would get me to stay longer and buy more books. But tea and scones are good, too.

  4. Looks like a wonderful place. It is nice to have a coffee shop right in the book store. We have some like that here too.

  5. That was a lovely post!
    What novel ideas ........ books on pigs head...... books hanging from the ceiling! I love those pictures.
    Mmmmmmmh! Chocolate...... very nice!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  6. Mmmm, chocolate cakes. Fifty chocolate cakes. Yummy. You have some nice pictures. I like the little car.

  7. Hello Mimmi, I am back from my own travels.;)) I have never been to Brussels, but I have been driving through Belgium.
    Love all your pictures and I agree on the great idea of a coffee shop and books.;)
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend,

  8. Looks like such a FABULOUS spot!! I would LOVE to be there!!

  9. Brussels is obviously so much more than sprouts! And Manneke Pis! Anyway Mimi I referenced your blog in my latest post as I got to 100 followers and I mentioned your kind gift when I hit 50 for you. Today there's a mad BBQ party going on at Karen G's blog and my follower count has gone into orbit since - hence my 100. Drop by and have a look - some writer types all over the place but good recipes too, and it's linked on my post.
    All the best, Catherine