Thursday, August 12, 2010

Porto Yard Art on Thursdays

This was a view from the river boat ride in Porto, where I nipped off for a quick break this week.

It's unusual yard art, but I think it qualifies. Hope you agree.

Porto is a lovely place for a city break, with value Ryanair flights. The tour of the port house caves was lovely, I'll post about that tomorrow.

For more Yard Art, click on this picture for the link to Mary T's place.


  1. Intriguing facades on these buildings! Interesting colours too!

  2. Yes, I agree with you, mimi and gemma!

  3. All those lovely windows! I wonder how they clean them?
    It looks hot there...cave houses would be a blessing, maybe. Can't wait to see those.

  4. Very unusual facades. Sounds like an interesting break.

  5. It is the only yard they have after all!
    Unique take on the theme Mimi!