Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Birthday Girl

Absolutely knackered tonight- 17 years ago, our eldest daughter was born. We celebrated today with iced cupcakes, no candles, no singing, one photo- those were the instructions! And we obeyed. At least I got to make the cupcakes. and then himself and myself went to the gym. It's great exercise and all that, and I had a sauna and jacuzzi after, which is a lovely treat, but does anybody else think that people exercising in gyms look a bit like robots?

So now tonight I feel pretty much as wrecked and wracked as I did that night, but I look back on the many many joys of those 17 years, and how she has transformed our lives in ways that we could never have imagined. And a part of me deep down makes a silent prayer that all will be well for the next 17, and the 17 after that...

Anyway, we're well and truly into birthday season now, the Boy turns 13 in 5.5 weeks time, and the other Girl will be 16 three days later.
The mere thought of it makes me even more tired! But at least they've gone past the stage of those parties, with up to 20 young kids running around etc. And because we don't have any family nearby, it's always been just myself and HeofInfinitePatience overseeing the whole thing. Enough of that, I'm nearly getting palpitations thinking about it!

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