Friday, April 24, 2009

First Communion Day

I've been reminded of my First Communion Day.
I'm terrified of dogs, having been bitten when I was 3. On F C day, we went to visit my grandparents on their farm, as was traditional in Ireland (main aim being to show off the white dress and maybe get a present of a little money- and I mean little, nothing like the ridiculous amounts that are given to young children nowadays!)
Anyway, after a little while of being "good" inside, we were shooed out "to play". One of the farm dogs, a friendly collie I think, came running up to me, presumably to say hello, maybe to give me money too! I started to run away, the dog, thinking it was a game, ran after me, and I only stopped when I landed, face down, in a ditch.
I don't know which was worse, the mortification or the telling-off that I got for ruining the dress which had to do my sister 4 years later!
I'll never dress up in a white dress again! (my wedding dress was ivory, by the way)

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