Monday, April 20, 2009

Merge unsuccessful

As you can see, I've tried myself to merge the 2 blogs, without success. I really admire people who can do this kind of thing, so I have to admire my son. I'll call on him for help when he has a minute to spare. At the moment, he doesn't have many of those, he's in a school drama production in 2 weeks, so there are extra rehearsale every day. And of course, a bit of homework has to be squeezed in where he can as well.
And finally, I got the results of my latest French Horn exam- I'm glad to say I passed. I got lost on the way to the exam, on a road that I know really well, so ended up being late for it, and the candidate after me very kindly swapped places. As a result, even though I was well prepared, I didn't do myself justice, and failed my scales. However, as they say on the website, success begins with a pass, and I'll move on. the most important thing is that I enjoy playing so so much, I just love it.

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