Tuesday, April 14, 2009

After reading a comment on another blog re how easy it is to create one, here I am!
This will be a short post, as it's now 1.30 am, and even though I love to stay up late during the Easter holidays, this is just a tad too late. Especially as I have a birthday to celebrate tomorrow- my eldest "baby" turns 17!

I remember as clear as day this night 17 years ago, in the hospital, waters having broken earlier in the day, waiting, excited, apprehensive. We had been told that if labour didn't begin by the 14th, I would be induced, so I lay in bed, unable to sleep, and contemplated names.

By 3am I had developed a "system". Let's name this baby beginning with the letter N, 14th letter of the alphabet. Made out a list, and when HeofInfinitePatience arrived next morning, I laid before him the new way of naming babies!

Surprisingly, he didn't send for the men in white coats, and so was born not just our baby but our system.

to be continued..

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