Sunday, April 19, 2009

Personality tests

The kids persuaded me to do an online personality test the other day. They have all done them, and keep quoting to me "I'm a wxyz, that's why I behave this way". So, I decided it might be fun to see what personality type I am. Of course, they had their own predictions, and all 3 claimed to have predicted the end result.
Turns out that I'm extrovert.. and I forget the rest. Now, the funny thing is that in reality I'm not really extrovert at all, in the sense I understand that word. I like going out, I enjoy meeting people and talking to them, but a lot of the time it's a real struggle to motivate myself not to just sit in front of the fire, or catch up with house stuff.
The other thing about this is that as a child/teenager/young adult, I was extremely shy. So much so that I used to make lists of things to talk to people about when going out or on a date. And I brought the list with me on dates! My kids can't believe this, but it is true!
Funny how your confidence improves as you get older! Well, at least it's some compensation for all the things that deteriorate.
So, have you ever taken a personality test, and what type are you? Were you surprised with the results?

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