Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Recession Fallout

Went to a concert tonight with 17year old daughter! Ulster Orchestra- they were fantastic! We both thoroughly enjoyed the music, and were delighted to be there.
Good news-we were upgraded to really good seats, Bad news- the reason for the upgrade became apparent as soon as the concert began- the hall was less than half full. We both, independently, felt that we had to "clap for two" after each piece, because it was heartbreaking to see such a good performance to a half-empty hall.
Makes you wonder, doesn't it, is there not some way that those empty seats could have been offered free or at very discounted prices to people who love music but could not afford to pay full price. Sorry, I forgot to say that full price, actually, was from only €10.
It did make us both decide to go to more concerts, funds allowing.

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